Global Food Collaborative

Welcome To Our Professional Community

Where do business professionals gather to connect, communicate and collaborate?


  • The supply chain of food, beverage and agri-products becomes more complex with each passing day.

  • What if this unique supply chain could benefit from the collective knowledge of the group?

  • What if buyers and suppliers and their respective supply chain partners developed products and services together to meet the market demands?

  • Join and benefit from a unique opportunity for professionals to collaborate and connect for successful and healthy business.

Membership Categories

Commercial Buyers.  Individuals are professionals responsible for sourcing finished food, beverage and agri-products for Restaurant, Retail Grocery, Institutional Food Service, General Retail, Convenience and/or Gift. (Individuals must be professional purveyors, buyers or policy makers on sourcing. Registrations are reviewed for approval.)

Independent Suppliers.  Individuals are professional harvesters, growers, manufacturers and processors of food, beverage and agri-products.

Supply Chain Partners. Professionals who add value to the supply chain of quality food, beverage, or agri-products for suppliers and/or commercial buyers. These are the companies and organizations that positively impact the bottom line of supplier and commercial buyer members.

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